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Once upon a time, there was a professional young man who frequented strip clubs. He became annoyed of the standard “hustle” and bored of the lackluster environment at each club he visited. One day, his friends suggested inviting a group of college girls to his New York City flat for a “lap dance” party. The following is of mystic folklore.

For four years he hosted invitation-only events that only dreams are made of. These “underground” lap dance parties grew from his home to top nightclubs, hotels and lounges throughout New York City. Along the way he launched Die Happy Tonight, a boutique hospitality and creative agency that became known throughout the world for their “adult fantasy” experiences.

Please relax and stay awhile. As our guest, we hope that you FEEL something during your time here. Feel alive. Feel yourself. Feel aroused. Feel a connection. Feel the magic that started it all.
— Owner

In the summer of 2018, a group of renowned hospitality professionals approached him to re-imagine an existing strip club (the infamous HQ) and create an entirely different gentleman’s club for the modern discerning man and today’s bold woman. Through this collaboration, the convergence of food, music, cocktails, and entertainment was formed to create an immersive, multi-sensory event unlike anything before it.

Rosewood Theater is now considered the “the worlds most liberating gentlemen’s club”. The the Midtown West duplex space has no strip club vibe. Instead the club boasts a relaxed and upscale cocktail party environment with amateur “models” that, if you’re lucky, provide topless lap dances. It’s an experience that can not be defined by words, it must be felt.

To gain entry, one must have an invitation. With our invitation, we invite both our men and women guests to escape reality and responsibility. Even if just for one night.