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Your guests are in for an unforgettable evening!

Welcome to Rosewood Theater’s restaurant, hotel, promoter and luxury building program. We are delighted to be working with esteemed industry professionals such as yourself and look forward to entertaining the trusted guests you refer to us. They are in very good hands. In fact, we guarantee each person you refer to us leaves with that “best night of my life” feeling. There is nothing quite like Rosewood in all of New York City…and possibly the world.


INDUSTRY NIGHT - Tuesday, March 5th 8pm to 3am

To launch our new industry program with a bang, we are hosting a private party exclusively for industry professionals. Each guest will receive complimentary admission, cocktails, VIP area access and entertainment. We have a few surprises in store for you and a night of fun.

Cabaret performance by world renown performance artist Emily Shephard at 10pm and 11pm.

Our Community Manager Rachelle will be available to give you a tour and explain our exciting referral program! We hope to see you there and feel free to bring coworkers.

Contact Us

Text our Manager and front of house staff directly at (646) 759-0392. Texts to this number goes to our service team working each night to ensure the best possible guest experience.

To contact Rachelle directly, email or call/text (347) 464-2535.



552 West 38th Street
New York, NY, 10018
Tuesday to Thursday 7p-3am, Fri & Sat 9p-4a



What is Rosewood Theater? A new private gentlemen’s club featuring 50-100 stunning models for private topless lap dances, world class cabaret entertainment, themed parties and special guests DJs each night. The duplex venue offers as full-service bar, food menu, bottle/table service, and a variety of private rooms. 

How does a guest get in into Rosewood if the club is private?  Guests must have our email or business card invite or be with someone who has an invite. You may also text our concierge line for an invitation - (646) 759-0392. 

What hours is Rosewood open?  We are open Tuesday through Thursday from 7pm to 3am, and Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 4am.

When did Rosewood open?  We opened summer 2018. 

Who would enjoy going to Rosewood?  Professional businessmen looking for a refined alternative to traditional strip clubs or nightclubs. Groups such as bachelor parties, special guy nights out or someone entertaining clients. Couples looking for an adventurous night out. 


Anti-Stripclub - We created Rosewood as a refined and entertaining alternative to traditional strip clubs. With this in mind, we removed everything that would resemble a strip club. The duplex gentleman’s club is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnate industry. Our original approach to adult entertainment is quite possibly the only in the world. Vintage, artsy decor replaces tacky design. Fun-loving, amateur models replace fake, professional strippers. A center stage boasting world class cabaret and DJs replaces stripper poles. Warm service staff replace pushy hosts. An environment is that is fun and relaxed instead of dark and transactional. However, the biggest difference is something that can not be explained in text, it must be felt in person. 

Female Empowerment - Our all female management, all female creative team and male owner pride themselves in educating and empowering the young women that frequent our events. We understand and support their need to become financially independent by providing them a healthy “work” environment. It starts by referring to our strippers as “models” and giving models the freedom to “attend” events whenever they wish vs. having a “work” schedule. Models are considered members of our club and are treated very similar to guests. The byproduct of an environment that empowers women are models that feel confident and sexy - and a party that is fun and genuine. 

Human Touch - We believe nightlife needs more human touch. Consumers are seeking real-world “experiences” that go beyond cheap entertainment. Adults long to be touched - both physically and emotionally. Rosewood offers an immersive, multi-sensory experience with few rules and a feeling of ultimate freedom that connects adventurous guests with our stunning models. We focus on creating authentic experiences that allow both our models and guests to escape reality and responsibility. We have created an adult fantasy world on Earth. 


Once upon a time, there was a professional young man who frequented strip clubs. He became annoyed of the “hustle” and bored of the same everywhere he went. One day, his friends suggested inviting a group of college girls to his flat for a “lap dance” party. The following is of mystic folklore. 

For four years he hosted invitation-only events that only dreams are made of. These “underground” lap dance parties grew from his home to top nightclubs, hotels and lounges throughout New York City. Along the way he launched Die Happy Tonight, a boutique hospitality and creative agency that became known throughout the world for their “adult fantasy” experiences. 

In the summer of 2018, a group of renowned hospitality professionals approached him to re-imagine an existing strip club (the infamous HQ) and create an entirely different gentleman’s club for the modern, discerning man. Through this collaboration, the convergence of food, music, cocktails, and entertainment was formed to create an immersive, multi-sensory event unlike anything before it.  

Rosewood Theater is now considered the “the worlds most liberating gentlemen’s club”. The Midtown West, duplex space has no strip club vibe. Instead, the club boasts a relaxed and upscale cocktail party environment with amateur “models” that, if you’re lucky, provide topless lap dances. It’s an experience that can not be defined by words, it must be felt.