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Rosewood Theater boasts 50+ well rounded and stunning “atmosphere models” each night. Rosewood “models” provide a girlfriend-like experience for guests in exchange for cash gratuity. This could mean being paid for lap dances as well as conversing over drinks or dinner.

Young women frequenting Rosewood are students, actresses, amateur models and free spirits. All of whom wish to make great money while having fun in the company of established gentleman. Most Rosewood models previously had no experience “stripping” beside what they may have done for a boyfriend privately.


As a model at Rosewood Theater and Die Happy Tonight events, you’re in charge. All models are given absolute freedom to make the very best decisions for themselves. You decide what to wear (no stripper attire allowed), how often you attend our events, when you arrive and leave, whether you go topless or keep your top on, how you dance, and which guests you interact with. We only require that all models, like our guests, follow the Die Happy Tonight code of conduct. Our female management and professional security are always here to assist models with any questions and concerns. Our goal is to ensure you have a safe, fun and rewarding experience on your way to financial independence.


If you’re a stunning young woman who’s curious about attending Rosewood Theater or Die Happy Tonight pop-up events around the world, contact us to be scheduled for a information session with our Model Manager. For consideration, email two selfies with a link to your Instagram or Facebook to