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ROSEWOOD THEATER doES not EMPLOY STRIPPERS, working “professionals” or girls that look thE part of a stripper.

We have over 700 amazing “models” on our invite list and 50-100 MODELS that attend EACH NIGHT. all of our models previously had no experience “stripping” beside what they may have done for their boyfriend(s) privately. MODELS ATTENDING oUR EVENTS are asked to wear A sophisticated COCKTAIL DRESS with matching lingerie underneath - as if THEY’re going to a nice dinner with friends. MODELS may Arrive and leave at anytime and attend as many or as few nights as THEY wish. All we ask from modelS attending our events is that they follow our code of conduct.

IF you’re a stunning young woman with no experience dancing at a gentleman’s club we would like to speak with you. For consideration, EMAIL a selfie with link to your instagram or facebook to EVE@DIEHAPPYTONIGHT.COM

*Photos of models on our website have been released to us for promotional use. We will never post or share photos without prior permission. Our models privacy and safety is paramount.