Rosewood Theater is considered the “anti-strip club, strip club”. The Midtown West, duplex gentleman's club has no “strippers”, stripper poles, or strip club vibe. Instead, the club boasts amateur “atmosphere models” that provide topless dances and a girlfriend-like experience within a relaxed and upscale cocktail party environment.

Our history. . . Rosewood Theater is the product of infamous experience designers, Die Happy Tonight, and was formed through a collaboration with a group of renowned hospitality professionals to re-imagine and explore the experience of the modern gentleman’s club. The convergence of food, music, cocktails, and entertainment is woven throughout to create an immersive, multi-sensory event unlike anything you've experienced. ///

 Vintage decor fills main lounge.
 Follow the light.
 World class acts and DJs take center stage.
Rosewood Theater is SoHo House meets underground lap dance party. We’ve created an experience unlike any gentleman’s club in New York City and possibly the world. If you don’t like strip clubs but have an adventurous side, I invite you to escape from reality and responsibility here at Rosewood.
— Colin, Partner